cemental tear

cemental tear,

n a small portion of cementum forcibly separated, either partially or completely, from the underlying dentin of the root as a result of occlusal force; seen on the tension side in occlusal traumatism.
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Cemental tear is an uncommon type of root fracture, which is associated with periodontal tissue destruction (1).
Cemental tear diagnosis can be further confirmed by histopathological examination of fractured fragments that are removed by surgically or nonsurgically (6).
No interexaminer analysis was performed because the diagnosis of the presence of cemental tear was an objective assessment.
The cemental tear is an important however neglected endodontal-periodontal entity due to its uncommon nature (1,4).
Objective: The present study aimed to determine the prevalence of cemental tears and evaluate its relation with patient gender, age and tooth type in a population of adult dental patients applied to the university hospital in the center Black Sea Region of Turkey.
Materials and Methods: Periapical radiographs of 4629 permanent teeth of 1451 adult patients were examined and teeth with cemental tears were recorded.
Results: Cemental tears were detected in the periapical radiographs of 13 patients (0.
Conclusion: The presence of cemental tears is a rare entity in dental clinics.
The present retrospective study aims to determine the prevalence and distribution of cemental tears regarding tooth type, age and gender of the patients in adult dental patients in the center Black Sea region of Turkey.
Cemental tears were searched and detected as described by Lin et al.
The incidence of cemental tears is not known and possibly under-reported according to the Leknes et al.
The certain diagnosis of cemental tears is based on the histopathological examination of the surgically or nonsurgically removed fragments (7).