cellular tumor

cel·lu·lar tu·mor

a tumor composed mainly of closely packed cells.
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Over 250 R&D teams are anticipated to attend the six conferences happening at the FAST Congress: Phenotypic Drug Discovery (Parts I & II), Engineering Functional 3D Models, Screening and Functional Analysis of 3D Models, Organotypic Culture Models for Toxicology, and Physiologically-Relevant Cellular Tumor Models for Drug Discovery.
Microscopy revealed a well-circumscribed, moderately cellular tumor composed of spindle cells interspersed with thick collagen bundles.
It is a cellular tumor with prominent vasculature, including large irregular ectatic vessels, and it may have stromal hemorrhage.
Part III, comprising chapters 10-15, covers cellular tumor markers.
The woman's sacrum, commonly known as the tailbone, was eroded because of a cellular tumor.
Mirna is developing "MicroRNA Replacement Therapy" which involves introducing microRNAs back into tumors to boost cellular tumor suppressor abilities, ultimately leading to cancer cell death and tumor shrinkage.
The final agenda is now available and includes dedicated conferences on Engineering Functional 3-D Tissue Models, Screening and Functional Analysis of 3-D Models, Phenotypic Drug Discovery, and Physiologically-Relevant Cellular Tumor Models for Drug Discovery.
Histologic sections showed a cellular tumor with a prominent lobular pattern.
As it is, I've got a cellular tumor growing from my ear, I'm hooked up to the girls so often.
An incisional biopsy of the mass in the right postauricular area was obtained, and the histopathologic examination revealed a highly cellular tumor.
Histologic examination revealed a dense cellular tumor composed of interlacing fascicles of spindle cells (Figure 3).
She is licensed in the state of Florida in cytogenetics and New York state in cytogenetics and molecular and cellular tumor marker oncology.