cellular pathology

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cel·lu·lar pa·thol·o·gy

1. the interpretation of diseases in terms of cellular alterations, that is, the ways in which cells fail to maintain homeostasis;
2. sometimes used as a synonym for cytopathology (1).

cellular pathology

See pathology.


The hospital-based specialty which renders diagnoses based on tissues removed during various operative interventions and procedures—e.g., endoscopy, biopsy, resections. British histopathologists have trained for over five years as specialist registrars, are on the GMC’s specialist register and are fellows of the Royal College of Pathologists.

cel·lu·lar path·ol·o·gy

(sel'yū-lăr pă-thol'ŏ-jē)
1. The interpretation of diseases in terms of cellular alterations.
2. Sometimes used as a synonym for cytopathology (1).
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As an early adopter, Lewisham will also use current NextGen modules for cellular pathology and mortuary plus tools for vital cancer registry reporting.
Cell Nass - Cellular Pathology National Archive Secure Storage - is designed for hospitals running out of storage space for slides, tissue blocks and records.
CellPath specialises in products for cellular pathology, operating theatres and GP surgeries.
Newtown-based CellPath is a subsidiary of Medical Solutions and specialises in products for cellular pathology, operating theatres and GP surgeries.
Professor of Pathology, Director of Health Sciences Group and Director of Molecular and Cellular Pathology, Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York; Noel Rose, Ph.
Contract notice: Provision of a Managed Service for a Specimen Tracking System with Staining Solution for Cellular Pathology.
Virch's definition of disease is one of cellular pathology, yet there is very rarely evidence of such in mental patients.
Cellular Pathology (excluding Cervical Cytology) is provided off site via an external contract.
It saw it as a good time to divest itself of CellPath, which manufactures and markets a range of cellular pathology products,in order to enable both businesses to focus on the customer needs of their respective markets.
Contract notice: Provision of a Staining Machine with Integral Coverslipper to enable staining in one unit in a Cellular Pathology Department.
They will also be provided with an understanding of the many sophisticated analytical techniques underpinning tests in clinical biochemistry,haematology, transfusion science,medical microbiology, cellular pathology and immunology.
Facilities will include cellular pathology laboratories, microbiology laboratories and a neuropathology suite, as well as administration offices and a regional cytology training suite.

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