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, gen. and pl.


(sel'yū-lă, -lē),
1. In gross anatomy, a small but macroscopic compartment. Synonym(s): cellule
2. In histology, a cell.
[L. a small chamber, dim. of cella]


/cel·lu·la/ (sel´u-lah) pl. cel´lulae   [L.] cell.


, pl. cellulae (sel'yū-lă, -lē)
1. gross anatomy A small but macroscopic compartment.
Synonym(s): cellule.
2. histology A cell.
[L. a small chamber, dim. of cella]


(sĕl′ū-lă) plural.cellulae [L., little cell]
1. A minute cell.
2. A small compartment.

Patient discussion about cellula

Q. How are cancer cells similar to normal cells, and how are they different? I know that a similarity would be cells regenerate, and a difference would be cancer cells grow uncontrollably. Is there anything else?

A. I learned a lot of new things from the answers. Thanks.

Q. what is difference between normal cell and a cell infected with cancer?

A. Malignant cells (cancerous cells, which is the correct term, since cancer isn't transmitted from cell to cell like microbes), are immortalized cells: the life span of each cell in our body is tightly regulated according to the body's needs, so cells don't multiply endlessly and eventually undergo programmed death (called apoptosis). Cancerous cells succeed to overcome this regulation, and therefore become immortalized: either excessive multiplication or avoidance of death.

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Q. What tests can the doctors do to see if I have cancer cells still in me? Am using my friend user name. I had a mastectomy in October of the 3cms lump. They also removed lymph nodes from armpit. They found that 2 nodes were slightly infected and 2 blood vessels leading away were the same. My oncologist says I should start chemo for 5 months followed by 5 wks of radiotherapy. I am awaiting the results from bone, heart, lungs and blood tests. What tests can the doctors do to see if I have cancer cells still in me?

A. You need to have your own self examination, which you can get guidance from doctor and all the tests which you already had and the tests which you are awaiting. Like you may have clinical examination, mammograms- which you already had, breast biopsy, ultrasonography, post biopsy pathology test, HER-2 gene test to find the speed of your tumor growth. Tests to check cancer spread – like lymph, bone, liver and lungs whose results you are waiting for.

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BMH/BMV production modules are stand-alone spindles designed to support cellula machining parts by functioning as independent stations in a high-production environment.
To prepare for a pan-European digital cellula radio network, 15 western European countries have agreed to develop common technical standards and allocate the same frequencies so motorists will be able to travel from one country to another and still use their cellular phones.
La TV e i media sono da molto tempo usciti dal loro spazio mediale per investire dall'interno la vita "reale", proprio come fa il virus con una cellula normale.
MAMFURIO: Quo melius videam, per corroborar l'intuito e firmar l'acto della potenza visiva, accio l'acie de la pupilla piu efficacemente per la linea visuale emittendo il radio a l'obiecto visibile, venghi ad introdur la specie di quello nel senso interiore, idest mediante il senso comone collocarla nella cellula de la fantastica facultade, voglio applicarmi gli oculari al naso.
5 di Ultimo quarto, e, soprattutto dalla versione francese e attraverso una profonda rielaborazione, Eco, mentre la prima quartina della poesia e rifluita in Sogno delle Poesie disperse), di un secondo Sogno/Songe (che prendera il titolo definitivo di Statua), La fine di Crono/La fin de Chronos, L'isola/L'ile, Colore/Couleur (che diventera Due note), Il capitano/Le capitaine, Aura/Urne (da cui deriveranno Aura e la cellula iniziale di Ombra.
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