cell transformation

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cell trans·for·ma·tion

morphologic and physiologic changes including loss of contact inhibition resulting from infection of an animal cell by an oncogenic virus.


change of form or structure; conversion from one form to another. In oncology, the change that a normal cell undergoes as it becomes malignant. In statistics a functional change to the variable.

bacterial transformation
the process of intercellular transfer of genetic information in which a small portion of the total DNA of a lysed bacterium enters a related bacterium and is incorporated into the DNA genome of the recipient.
cell transformation
the changes in types of proteins expressed and growth characteristics that take place in cells infected by some viruses, including tumor formation by retroviruses.
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SV40 small T antigen and PP2A phosphatase in cell transformation.
We concluded that the dynamics of the development of cell transformations that we observed in our experiments is characterized by sustainability.
Transformation is not as easy as killing,' Yang says, but nevertheless they found significant cell transformation by all these species of radiation.
Long-term outcomes of patients with advanced-stage cutaneous T-cell lymphoma and large cell transformation.
We showed that patients with T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL), an aggressive hematological cancer, can display IL7R gain-of-function mutations leading to downstream signaling activation and cell transformation.
ClickPress, Mon Dec 22 2014] Cancer occurs when, after undergoing cell transformation, normal cells grow and multiply without control.
To determine whether cell transformation affects miR-199a expression, we tested two different types of cell lines transformed by oncogenes: the AsT cells and PI3K-transformed chicken embryo fibroblast cells described above.
Direct acting viruses such as papilloma virus and polyoma virus encode proteins that act on tumour suppressor proteins such as p53 and Rb which cause their inactivation and lead to cell transformation.
The local pluripotential stem cell transformation theory, even though it is hard to prove, is certainly a strong alternative to the heterotopic pancreas malignant transformation theory and may well be the cause for the presentation in our case as well.
STAT3 is a signaling and transcription gene that is activated in various types of cancer and is required for cell transformation," he explained.
Researchers have shown how cellular metabolism and glucose levels facilitate stem cell transformation from regular tissue, providing new insight into the biomechanics of regenerative medicine.
Focusing on morphologies in cancer but including changes in infectious and inflammatory diseases, the authors discuss the history of cytohistology, normal cells, malignant cell transformation, functional differentiation of various tissues, and diagnostic pitfalls, as well as principles of specimen processing and ancillary techniques.