cell strain

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cell strain

in tissue culture, cells derived from a primary culture or a single cell (clone) and possessing a specific feature such as a marker chromosome, antigen, or resistance to a virus.


1. to overexercise.
2. to filter.
3. an overstretching or overexertion of some part of the musculature.
4. excessive effort.
5. one or more organisms within a species or variety, characterized by some particular quality, as rough or smooth strains of bacteria.

strain 2 Brucella suis
used in a vaccine in China against brucellosis in all target species.
strain 19 Brucella abortus
see strain 19.
strain 45/20 Brucella abortus
the strain of reduced virulence used as a living vaccine for adult cattle against bovine brucellosis.
strain 51 Salmonella dublin
a rough strain with reduced virulence used in Europe to immunize young calves.
strain RB51 Brucella abortus
a live rough mutant that will immunize cattle but does not induce a reaction to standard serological tests for brucellosis.
strain Rev I Brucella melitensis
live attenuated strain used for vaccination in small ruminants.
strain SC54 Salmonella cholerasuis
an avirulent organism used live in a vaccine against salmonellosis in swine.
strain 9R Salmonella gallinarium
a rough strain used as a live vaccine against S. gallinarium and S. enteriditis in poultry.
cell strain
compressive strain
physical stress which tends to structural compaction.
tensile strain
physical strain which tends toward structural elongation.
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The cell strains were obtained from the discarded tissues through the Cooperative Human Tissue Network (sponsors: National Cancer Institute and National Disease Research Interchange).
But no legal provisions exist that ban transactions of such cell strains for research purposes.
The human cell strains owned by Hideo Okumura, 68, head of the Japan Human Cell Society, had been seized by court as collateral for loans totaling 120 million yen, and were bought for 160 million yen by a Tokyo businessman who is also the creditor of the loans.
The issuance of this patent also recognizes TKT's contribution in demonstrating gene activation technology and protein production in normal cells, as well as methods suitable for developing cell strains for use in gene therapy," said Douglas A.
Research on the effects of telomerase on Werner syndrome cells was conducted by scientists at Geron and published in the April issue of the FASEB Journal in a paper entitled "Telomerase expression prevents replicative senescence but does not fully reset mRNA expression patterns in Werner syndrome cell strains.
6,048,724 entitled, "Method of Producing Clonal Cell Strains which Express Exogenous DNA Encoding Glucagon-Like Peptide 1," and U.