cytoplasmic matrix

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cy·to·plas·mic ma·trix

a fluid cytoplasmic substance filling the interstices of the cytoskeleton.
Synonym(s): cell matrix, cytomatrix
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Healing potential of the tissue engineered cell matrix construct was determined by implantation of acellular FSB matrix and cell seeded acellular matrix (tissue engineered), in surgically created 20x20 [mm.
To investigate the anti-metastatic effect of ginsenoside Rd in HepG2 cells, wound healing, cell matrix adhesion, and migration assays were performed.
The researchers built a novel type of stem cell matrix, or scaffold, whose stiffness can be adjusted without altering its chemical composition, which cannot be done with conventional stem cell growth matrices, Fu said.
signaling), cell matrix adhesions in three dimensions, cell-cell junctions, signaling to and through the endothelial adherens junction, gap junctions (connexin functions), tight junctions in simple and stratified epithelium, desmosomes in development and disease, cadherin trafficking and junction dynamics, and cross-talk in cell-cell and cell-matrix adhesions.
The technology behind the system was provided by Certus Technology, and is headed by Dr Mike Briggs, of the Wellcome Trust Centre For Cell Matrix Research in Manchester.
It upregulates proteinase activity, triggering movement of enzymes to the cell surface; organizes and directs tumor cells; stimulates cell proliferation; and makes cell membranes more fluid, thus allowing tumor cells to "squeeze through the tight walls of the cell matrix.
Carrageenan binds water to form a gel network that reinforces gluten structure, yielding an improved air cell matrix.
The absence of dystrophin in the aganglionic bowel suggests that the caveolar domain is not completely developed in these cells and may be responsible for the interruption of linkage with the cytoplasmic contractile elements and the alteration in cell matrix communications.
96) demonstrated that the cell matrix did not affect PSA analysis.
One of OceanBASIS' top projects under development is a marine collagen scaffold designed for use as a stem cell matrix in cartilage-repairing surgeries.
For this order, Canadian Solar will deliver to EDF RE a total of 83,000 pieces of custom specific CS6X-P solar modules in a 7 x 12 cell matrix with dual UL and IEC 1000V certification.
SEM analysis of the cell matrix samples showed that the apparent selective adhesiveness of these localized area may be due to processing or natural variations in the collagen layer.