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Herbal medicine
A biennial plant of the parsley family, which is used as a folk therapy for hypertension (due to its content of butylphthalide), and has been used to increase local circulation in bursitis and gout. It has been held as an aphrodisiac.

Celery may evoke anaphylactic reactions; foods in the EU containing celery must be clearly labelled on the packaging.

Celery is popular in weight loss diets, given celery’s high bulk and low-calorie properties; it is popularly thought of as a so-called negative-calorie food—i.e., that it takes more calories to digest than it contains.


n Latin name:
Apium graveolens; parts used: seeds, entire plant; uses: (seeds) hypertension, seizures, labor stimulant, (juice) edema, hypertension, anxiety, headaches, aching joints; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children, patients allergic to mugwort or birch and kidney disease; can cause hampering of the nervous system, uterine stimulant, dermatitis, lesions, anaphylaxis, and angioedema. Also called
apium, celery seed, celery seed oil, marsh parsley, smallage, or
wild cherry.


celery buttercup
celery leaved crowsfoot

Patient discussion about celery

Q. Is it true that when you eat celery you burn more calories than you consume?

A. true

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In fact, celery contains a powerful flavonoid called luteolin.
In France, this knobby-root cousin of the celery we are more familiar with is used in soups, as a puree, raw in salads, as well as in a typical French slaw-like dish called "celeri remoulade.
2 CELERY is very low in calories and contains only 16 per 100g.
Celery allows us to do this through an aesthetic, efficient and secure window embedded on our website.
Top each cheesy canape with a sprig from the bunch of celery leaves and serve immediately.
BTX Trader, the multi-exchange online trading system for digital currencies and a wholly-owned subsidiary of WPCS International Inc (Nasdaq: WPCS), announced on Friday the launch of Celery, its new web-based product committed to putting digital currency in the hands of ordinary consumers.
In the same oil, fry the onions for a few minutes to soften, then add the celery, celery leaves, olives, tomatoes and capers, and cook until the celery is tender, about 10 minutes.
Water of leaves and roots of celery is effective on biochemical parameters such as glutathione, catalase activity, glutathione peroxidase, xanthine oxidase, and peroxidase and lipid peroxidation in liver homogenated and blood hemolyzed and when used in combination with doxorubicin makes a protective effect against it [14].
1 The contract is the execution of the service of a regional strategy for the management of wetlands in Greater celery, ~the strategy~.
Celery has a fairly mild flavour and makes delicious soup - particularly if it is enhanced with a little blue cheese.
Celery (Apium graveolens) belongs to the Umbelliferae family and is derived from wild celery that contains more leaves and less stalks.
1 carrot, 1 celery stalk, 1/2 leek finely diced, knob of garlic butter, 1 peeled potato (paysanne cut), seasoning, lemon juice, 10oz crispy pancetta, chopped parsley, few strands of saffron, chopped chives for garnish.