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greater celandine

Herbal medicine
A perennial herb that is a potent skin irritant, used by herbalists of the Middle Ages for removing warts; it was further believed, according to the so-called “doctrine of signatures”, that its bright orange flowers signalled greater celandine’s efficacy in treating jaundice.
Greater celandine is irritating to the skin and GI tract and depresses the CNS; it should be adminstered with caution.


(Chelidonium majus) Herbal recommended for use against GI disorders and palliation of dermatologic problems; clinical studies suggest possible use as an antineoplastic; hepatitis reported as adverse effect; should be considered toxic; not approved in U.S. markets as a drug, but is often found combined with other ingredients in herbal compounds.
Synonym(s): felonwort, rock poppy.
[L. chelidonia, fr. G. chelidōn, swallow]

celandine (se·lanˑ·dēn),

n Latin name:
Chelidonium majus; parts used: buds, leaves, roots; uses: antiinflammatory, digestive aid, spasms in the digestive tract, medicine for the liver and gallbladder; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children, long-term use, can cause hypotension, dizziness, fatigue, insomnia, nausea, hepatotoxicity, polyuria, and polydipsia. Also called
celandine poppy, common celandine, felonwort, garden celandine, greater celandine, rock poppy, swallow wort, tetter wort, or
wart wort.
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Buttercups come close - after all, they are near cousins - but the shine of celandine flowers as they open wide in the first spring sunshine is almost dazzling.
Buttercups come close to matching the wonderful colours of celandines but they're just not as dazzling
Rory Francis, of The WoodlandTrust, said: "There has been an awful lot of snow this winter, making spring arrive late but now red admiral butterflies are being spotted, rooks are nesting and hazel flowers and celandines are starting to appear.
The fresh young leaves of lesser celandine,also known as pilewort (don't ask
The birds have been singing, celandines are basking in the sunshine and I have one less fleece on.
April saw a spread of cream and yellow mats of wood anemones and celandines changing gradually to a carpet of bluebells.
At present nature is only just getting its act together and we can see the first bright yellow lesser celandines, ranunculus ficaria, flowering on the woodland margins.
Another splash of colour is provided by a sprinkling of celandines with their bright yellow flowers, with wood anemones and forget-me-nots close by.
Flowers being planted include hedgerow plants, native bluebells, wood anemones, lesser celandines and wild garlic bulbs.
Within it, during the last month, nature has treated me to the sights of butter-coloured carpets of celandines, delicate wood anemones, harebells, wild garlic and bluebells.