cefuroxime axetil

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cefuroxime axetil (sef´yōōrok´sēm ak´sətil),

n brand name: Ceftin;
drug class: second-generation cephalosporin;
action: inhibits bacterial cell wall synthesis, rendering cell wall osmotically unstable;
uses: eradication of gram-negative bacilli and gram-positive organisms; treatment of serious lower respiratory tract, urinary tract, skin, and gonococcal infections, septicemia, and meningitis.
References in classic literature ?
They had spent the morning raking among the ashes of the burned wood-pile, and besides the charred organic remains they had secured several discoloured metal discs.
Bert began to light matches from a borrowed boxful, and search for a half-crown that still eluded him among the charred remains.
For a long time he stood there just looking down upon the dead body, charred beyond recognition, and then he stooped and lifted it in his arms.
Her fate was as certain as though the waters had already closed above her charred and smoking remains.
The true object lies here," said De Montfort, pointing to the open hearth upon which lay the charred remains of many papers and documents.
We had all got into a first-class smoker, and he had already lit the short and charred old briar pipe which seemed to singe the end of his long, aggressive nose.
To one side lay the cigarette stump and the charred match which had lighted it.
The room is getting chilly-- the Countess's play will set some of these charred logs flaming again.
When the Danish gentleman made his copy of Beowulf, he found the edges of the book so charred by fire that they broke away with the slightest touch.
These drawing-room astronomers professed to explain the charred aspect of the moon-- a disaster which they attributed to the intensity of the solar heat; only, on being reminded that comets have an atmosphere, and that the moon has little or none, they were fairly at a loss for a reply.
Directing the coachman to a place under the shed in the big, clean, tidy yard, with charred, old-fashioned ploughs in it, the old man asked Levin to come into the parlor.
The masts stood, but we did not know how much they might be charred down below.