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crocodilian reptile of the family Alligatoridae, very similar to alligators; resident in Central and South America. Genus name is Caiman, e.g. C. sclerops the spectacled caiman.

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Clive Gibbons will lead Vistra Cayman Trust Limited as Managing Director.
The Festival team are also working to develop the Cayman Media Academy (CMA) under the CayFilm umbrella to educate Cayman's youth by offering classes and qualifications relating to different career fields within the industry.
I will use this occasion to encourage more inter-island travel, stay-cations, private sector board meetings and retreats over here on Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.
The United States provides no development assistance to the Cayman Islands.
The new Cayman and Cayman S are priced from MYR500,000 and MYR610,000 respectively.
Weighing 55kg less than the equivalent S model, and boasting the most horsepower available in a mid-engined Porsche, the 330bhp Cayman R has been created for one reason - pure driving dynamics.
The Cayman S with PDK and Launch Control accelerates from 0-62mph in 4.
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Cayman has gone from rags to riches in less than a generation.
One of them is Les Gold, a Detroit businessman who has a vacation home on Grand Cayman.
John Kerry singled them out during the 2004 campaign, complaining, "There are enough brass-plate companies down in Georgetown, the Cayman Islands, different places, to make anybody in America sick when they look at their own tax bill.
The Tax Court erred in ignoring the partnership entity in characterizing the Cayman Islands partnership's earnings as taxable subpart F income.