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/cay·enne/ (ki-) (ka-yen´) capsicum.


Herbal medicine
A shrub, the fruit of which has both culinary and medicinal use; it contains capsaicin (an alkaloid), carotenoids, flavonoids, pungent principles, vitamins A and C, and volatile oil; it is antibacterial, diaphoretic, haemostatic, a stimulant, and is used topically as a counter-irritant for joint and muscle pain, neuralgias, low back pain, rheumatic pain and sprains; internally, cayenne is a cardiotonic and used for colds and respiratory complaints, indigestion, toothaches, hangovers and fatigue, especially in the elderly.

Excess cayenne may cause indigestion and vomiting.


Dried herbal remedy (and spice) made from Capsicum frutescens and other Capsicum spp.; both internal and external medicinal uses have been described (e.g., analgesic, therapy for GU problems).
Synonym(s): capsaicin, cayenne, hot pepper, red pepper.
[L., fr. capsa, box, case]


n Latin names:
Capsicum frutescens, Capsicum annuum; part used: capsaicin extract; uses: analgesia, arthritis, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, indigestion, gastroprotection (particularly that related to NSAID use), heart disease; precautions: pa-tients taking theophylline for asthma. Also called
capsicum, African pepper, bird pepper, chili, chili pepper, or
hot pepper.
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