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a guinea pig, Cavia porcellus.

spotted cavy
see cavy (above).

cavvy, cavy

the group of saddle horses on a cattle ranch used to work cattle. Called also remuda.
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outdoors, although guinea pigs can make ideal indoor pets in special indoor cavy cages.
For details of any local cavy clubs in your area, please write, enclosing a SAE to: The Secretary, National Cavy Club, Olney Park Cottage, Yardley Road, Olney, Bucks.
Mr McRobbie, who has been breeding and showing for nearly 20 years and is secretary of the Durham and Northumberland Cavy Club, said: "There are many different breeds, and show preparation depends very much on the type.
Cavy showing is very popular and breeders can travel the country year round attending competitive events.
Each type of cavy is judged on its own breed merits but generally the judges look for a broad head, a Roman nose, large ears, big eyes and what Tom calls a "cobbie" body, and they can be as young as five months.
The chinchilla, Padagonian cavy and Savannah cat were also off limits to the kids' embraces, but they didn't seem to mind.
At the heart of the show you'll find cattle, sheep, heavy horse and turnout, hunter and pony, goat, dog, poultry, alpaca, shearing, Cumbrian wrestling, cavy and rabbit competitive classes.
Cavy once again has been very strong this year between the pipes when he has been called upon.
Columns I and J simply add the new cavys to the parents.