cavity preparation

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cav·i·ty prep·a·ra·tion

1. removal of dental caries and surgical preparation of the remaining tooth structure to receive a dental restoration;
2. the final form of an excavation in a tooth resulting from such preparation.

cavity preparation

a procedure for the removal of diseased hard tissues of a tooth and the shaping of the surgical site to an acceptable form necessary to receive and retain a particular type of restoration.

cavity preparation

The removal of dental caries and the excavation of surrounding dental structure to permit reconstruction of the tooth with dental restorative materials.
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cav·i·ty prep·a·ration

(kavi-tē prepăr-āshŭn)
1. Removal of dental caries and surgical preparation of remaining tooth structure to receive, support, and retain a dental restoration.
2. Final form of an excavation in a tooth resulting from such preparation.
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Standard treatment for caries removal and cavity preparation for restorations using mechanical means is often accompanied by pain and fear for children, although the pain may be reduced by local anaesthesia.
In this study, the MO cavity preparation was prepared in second molars and the DO cavity preparation in first molars because carious lesions usually follow this pattern clinically.
The air abrasion system is indicated for all types of cavity preparation, repair of amalgam, and composite resin restorations [Rosenberg, 1995].
The New Image Air Abrasion Cavity Preparation System is a product that will add value to both the dental practices and the patient.
Whereas other dental devices -- the conventional dental drill, erbium laser, even air abrasion instruments -- simultaneously remove decay and make cavity preparations, the PulseMaster is designed to remove the decayed tissue only, offering the most conservative treatment available.
American Dental's primary products are air abrasive kinetic cavity preparation systems, high-speed curing light and automated periodontal probing and pulsed dental lasers, primarily the PulseMaster models, which are developed and manufactured at its manufacturing facility in Corpus Christi, Texas.
With the addition of the new hard tissue laser: cavity preparation, soft tissue surgery and bone surgery, can be integrated to take any practice to a new level of patient care.
Contract notice: Delivery of a backhoe for cavity preparation for use underground.
Each student has to demonstrate competence in a number of cavity preparation techniques prior to clinical access.
Non-thermal gas plasma treatment will be a painless, tissue-saving method for dental cavity preparation because of its non-destructive nature, and rapid sterilising capability," researchers said.
Lasers for removal of carious lesions and cavity preparation--Laser systems can be used for effective caries removal and cavity preparation without significant thermal effects, collateral damage to tooth structure, or patient discomfort.