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Multiple cavitary nodules in pulmonary nocardiosis are uncommonly seen in HIV-negative immunocompromised patients, [1] and they are also very rare in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).
Cavitary parenchymal nodules are presumably due to septic occlusion of small, peripheral pulmonary arterial branches, resulting in the development of metastatic lung abscesses and airfluid levels may present in some of these cavities (3), (4).
G] Severity of the disease among the both controls and cases: Cavitary disease in controls was about 36% where as in cases was 44%.
For patients without a cavitary lesion and whose cultures become negative during the first two months, the continuation phase is only four months.
Rapidly progressive cavitary lung disease can occur in the setting of PCP even on appropriate antibiotic therapy.
Other indications for sputum culture include pleural effusion, cavitary infiltrates, and failure of outpatient therapy; all of these indications were observed among the MRSA patients described in this report.
This article describes an HIV-positive patient with a primary MALT lymphoma of the lung and a cavitary lesion with a fungal ball, which was consistent with Aspergillus species.
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