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a guinea pig, Cavia porcellus.

spotted cavy
see cavy (above).

cavvy, cavy

the group of saddle horses on a cattle ranch used to work cattle. Called also remuda.
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19 (450m): Boola Rumble, Woodys Girl, Tubbercurry Jodi, Hideaway Theo (M), Cavies Sprinter (M), Glenveagh Nula (M).
Visitors were offered the chance to see heavy horses, cavies, cows and everything in between.
There are livestock classes for cattle, sheep, goats, alpacas, dogs, poultry, cavies and rabbits.
The show also features a competitive light horse section and livestock classes for cattle, sheep, heavy horse, goats, alpacas, dogs, poultry, cavies, rabbits, stick dressing, competitive home crafts, and Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling, which is open to women for the first time this year.
There is also the large light horse section plus classes for alpacas, dogs, poultry, cavies and rabbits, in addition to stick dressing, competitive home crafts and Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling.
Fur and feather section ( poultry, rabbits and cavies.
There are also goats, dogs, fancy poultry, cavies and rabbits, not to mention the baking and preserve classes in the competitive home crafts section.
The traditional layout of rabbits, cavies and poultry attracts a growing number of interested adults and fascinated children, many of whom are unaware of the number of varieties within the breeds.
Today, dog owners will love to see a dog agility display team in action and youngsters can enjoy a karate display team in the main arena, while under cover, a fur and feather features poultry, ducks, pigeons, rabbits and cavies.
The judging of rabbits, cavies and poultry takes place while the tents are open to the public.