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cavernous space

an anatomic cavity with many interconnecting chambers.
Synonym(s): caverna [TA], cavern


An anatomic cavity with many interconnecting chambers.
See also: cave, cavity
References in classic literature ?
Goosal had said the cavern lay distant more than a two- days' journey into the jungle.
At length they spoke together, earnestly, in the Delaware language, when Uncas, passing by the inner and most concealed aperture, cautiously left the cavern.
The door of the cavern was big enough to roll a hogshead in, and on one side of the door the floor stuck out a little bit, and was flat and a good place to build a fire on.
Being assured of this I returned to the cavern, and amassed a rich treasure of diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and jewels of all kinds which strewed the ground.
But Ned Land thought of nothing but finding whether the cavern had any exit.
At the end of the valley, as John Bunyan mentions, is a cavern, where, in his days, dwelt two cruel giants, Pope and Pagan, who had strown the ground about their residence with the bones of slaughtered pilgrims.
The cavern did not come to an end, as they had expected it would, but slanted upward through the great glass mountain, running in a direction that promised to lead them to the side opposite the Mangaboo country.
Kaliko ran out as fast as his spindle legs could carry his fat, round body, and soon the Chief Counselor entered the cavern.
He suddenly appeared at the front of his cavern, seized the iron bars in his great hairy hands and shook them until they rattled in their sockets.
Smith-Oldwick was dozing against the rocky wall of the cavern entrance, while the girl, exhausted by the excitement and fatigue of the day, had fallen into deep slumber.
The walls of the cavern to which I was conducted were covered with drawings scratched upon the sandstone.
It took but a few minutes' exploration to discover one particular cavern high up the face of the cliff which seemed ideal for our purpose.