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HIFU could do much more than cauterize a blood vessel, says Crum.
Next, the tip of the catheter is heated and used to ablate, or cauterize, the defective heart tissue.
CONMED specializes in arthroscopy systems, powered surgical instruments, as well as RF electrosurgical products used to routinely cut and cauterize tissue in nearly all types of surgical procedures.
1080: Avalanche also offers players a variety of hot alternative tunes from bands like Finger Eleven and Cauterize to jam with as they race down the slopes.
It is one more powerful element that puts us beyond the leading edge, to the bleeding edge - the place we feel we need to be to cauterize and stop breast cancer and heart disease.
Conventional FVT is currently performed using two separate devices: an imaging device to locate the abnormal choroidal FVs and a treatment device, such as a slit lamp laser, to photocoagulate or cauterize the FVs.
In such cases, we apply silver nitrate to cauterize the tissue, and then we remove the polyp with microscissors.
Emerging artists, including Cold (Geffen), Revis (Epic), Cauterize (Wind-up) and Finger Eleven (Wind-up) are also supporting the tour.
The Company is also a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of RF electrosurgery systems used routinely to cut and cauterize tissue in nearly all types of surgical procedures worldwide, endoscopy products such as trocars, clip appliers, scissors, and surgical staplers.
The Emergistat, already being sold to the military, is a small semi-hard gel that rapidly accelerates blood coagulation and eliminates the need to cauterize wounds.
In the patient with Osler-Weber-Rendu disease, we used a 600-[micro]m fiber at 4 to 6 W in near-contact mode to cauterize the telangiectasias.