caustic alkali

caus·tic al·ka·li

a highly ionized (in solution) alkali; for example, NaOH.
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Tenders are invited for Supply Of Soap Flakes Chips Or Threaded For Deep Drawing Operation Contain Total Fatty Matter 75 Percent Min By Mass And Other Parameters I) Rosin Acids, Ii) Unsaponified Fatty Matter, Iii) Free Caustic Alkali, Iv) Matter Insoluble In Alcohol, V) Glycerol, Vi) Hexabromide Test (On Fatty Acids), Vii) Chlorides (As Sodium Chloride
In 2006, China surpassed America to be the worlds largest producer of PVC and caustic alkali, whose proportions of PVC and caustic alkali production capacity in the world was up to 27% and 25% respectively.
In 2000-2006, domestic growth of caustic alkali demand and output kept stable.
The average production capacity scale of Chinese caustic alkali enterprises was merely 60,000 tons.
1 China is the Worlds Largest Producer of PVC and Caustic Alkali
3 Distinct Regional Features of Caustic Alkali Price
Distribution of Caustic Alkali Production Capacity Worldwide, 2006
Global Production Capacity and Growth of PVC and Caustic Alkali
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Caustic alkali (Ion-exchange Membrane Method) Price Trend in Home Market
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