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2010) observed an opposite effect, and reported attenuated brain activity during reward anticipation in the nucleus accumbens in one-week abstinent users compared to non-smoking controls, and decreased reward anticipation activity in the caudate nucleus compared to both smoking and nonsmoking controls.
Shukakidze et al [38] in studies made in the caudate nucleus, the frontoparietal cortex and substancia nigra of mice treated during 30 days with 20 mg of Mn[CL.
Hence the present study was aimed at analyzing the biochemical and histological changes at four anatomical brain regions: frontal cortex (FC)-cholinergic, cerebellum (CB)- GABAergic, head of caudate nucleus (CD) and substantia nigra (SN)-dopaminergic, with increasing PMI (4-18 h) within a close age range of subjects (30 [+ or -] 5 yr) ensuring the bodies after death were subjected to identical (very narrow range) post-mortem handling and preservation of the tissue in the brain bank.
In contrast, numerous functional imaging studies showing increased activity in the orbitofrontal cortex, anterior cingulate, caudate nucleus and thalamus in patients with OCD (reviewed by Baxter et al.
They found those given the diet rich in nutrients had higher IQs and a bigger caudate nucleus than those on normal food.
Of the basal ganglia, the dorsal striatum (or caudate nucleus and putamen) is indicated in the figure solely by the label "striatum"; part of the ventral striatum is represented by the nucleus accumbens; and the dorsal pallidum (that is to say, the globus pallidus) is shown.
Diortho-substituted polychlorinated biphenyls in caudate nucleus in Parkinson's disease.
However, spongiform change itself remains nonspecific; the only consistent location is in the head of the caudate nucleus.
Results of the omnibus test from MANOVA show no significant difference in the left or right caudate nucleus between groups (F(2,17)=2.
These areas consisted of parts of the frontal and temporal lobes, the inner-brain region known as the caudate nucleus, and the cerebellum.