tail of epididymis

(redirected from cauda epididymis)

tail of ep·i·did·y·mis

the inferior part of the epididymis that leads into the ductus deferens; part of the reservoir of spermatozoa.
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Homogenization-resistant testicular spermatids (stage 19 of spermiogenesis) and sperm in the caput/corpus epididymis and cauda epididymis were assessed as described previously by Robb, Amann, and Killian (1978), with adaptations of Fernandes et al.
The objective of this study was to determine the difference between GNAQ mRNA and Gn[alpha]q protein expression levels in the caput, corpus, and cauda epididymis and testes of sheep.
3] is involved in modifications of intracellular calcium, exposure to this substance can increase contractility of smooth muscle surrounding the cauda epididymis that can accelerate sperm transit through the epididymis.
Interestingly, Aqp10b immunoreaction in the seabream epithelial cells was also detected in the membrane of cytoplasmic vesicles, which resembles the AQP9 localization in endosomes of some clear cells of the rat cauda epididymis (Hermo and Smith, 2011).
All male mice were euthanised and the cauda epididymis removed before contents were squeezed out.
Testis and cauda epididymis of each animal were excised from the surrounding tissue and blotted free of blood for weighing.
Seminal plasma contains a neutral alphaglucosidase-isoenzyme that originates from the epididymis and is an indicator of the amount of excretion from the cauda epididymis emitted at ejaculation.
Sperm obtained from the portion of the cauda epididymis that was stained were released into an equal amount of Dulbecco's PBS (DPBS).
Antiandrogenic compounds such as phthalates reportedly alter epididymal development and coiling of the epididymal tubule (Barlow and Foster 2003), and flutamide significantly reduces the size of the cauda epididymis (McKinnell et al.
The sperm motility of the cauda epididymis was also reduced significantly (p<0.
Sperm motility of cauda epididymis and density of cauda epididymis and testicular sperm were assessed by the method of Prasad et al.