catechol oxidase

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cat·e·chol ox·i·dase

an enzyme oxidizing catechols to 1,2-benzoquinones, with O2.
See also: monophenol monooxygenase.
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The exact nature of polyphenol oxidase, also called phenolase, tyrosinase or catechol oxidase, is uncertain; tyrosinase is a polyphenol oxidase and is present in more than one form.
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The mussel coats each thread with a protective varnish, also made of polyphenolic protein molecules linked by catechol oxidase.
Waite notes that catechol oxidase -- the enzyme that links the protein molecules in both the resin and the varnish -- is also used to cure or tan leather and other animal products.
Whether catechol oxidase actually does so awaits further study.