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Relating to or affected with catarrh.


Relating to or affected by catarrh.


(kă-tăr′) [Gr. katarrhein, to flow down]
Term formerly applied to inflammation of mucous membranes, esp. of the head and throat. catarrhal (-ăl), adjective

dry catarrh

An obsolete term for a nonproductive cough.

vernal catarrh

Allergic conjunctivitis.


having the characteristic of catarrh.

bovine catarrhal fever
see malignant catarrhal fever.
ovine catarrhal fever
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Varying laboratory cutoff values make interpretation for population study difficult if used as single confirmatory test Culture 50%-70% Permits Best done surveillance during and is helpful catarrhal phase in determining or beginning of specific paroxysmal strains, as phase.
Some in this group were still consuming dairy products, which have been implicated in chronic catarrhal complaints such as OME.
The catarrhal or atrophic stage, in which patients have a nonspecific rhinitis that then develops into a purulent nasal discharge with mucosal crusting.
The leaves are useful in relieving flatulence, promoting the removal of catarrhal matter and phlegm from the bronchial tubes, arid in increasing secretion and discharge of urine.
Confirmed case: (a) by laboratorial criteria: isolation of Bordetella pertussis; (b) by epidemiological criteria: any suspected case which has had contact with a pertussis confirmed case by laboratory testing, between the beginning of the catarrhal period up to three weeks after onset of the disease paroxysmal period; (c) by clinical criteria: every suspected case of pertussis whose hemogram shows leukocytosis (over 20,000 leukocytes/m[m.
While food allergy is now accepted as a valid syndrome which mimics many common illnesses and is estimated to affect about 8% of children and 2% of adults (Kay & Lessof, 1992), there is much controversy over whether chronic Candida syndrome (Candida albicans overgrowth) causes food allergies and many other symptoms including bowel disturbance, fatigue, palpitations, thrush, menstrual difficulties and catarrhal problems (Cater II, 1995, Kay & Lessof, 1992).
The decoction of leaves is used for treatment of inflammation, eye-disease, toothache, leucoderma, enlargement of the spleen, ulcers, cancers, catarrhal fever, rheumatoid arthritis, gonorrhea, sinuses, scrofulous sores, bronchitis and as tonics, vermifuge, lactagogue and emmenagogue.
Our histological studies in approximately one-third of infant deaths from SIDS showed signs of moderate catarrhal inflammation in the respiratory passages and alveoli.
5%) specimens, the appendix showed an acute catarrhal inflammation.
As a pectoral the juice is given with the juice of fresh ginger; is administered to children in catarrhal inflammation of the throat, larynx and bronchi, cough, difficult respiration and indigestion.
For them, "The present pandemic will not have been suffered in vain if intensive investigation is pursued on catarrhal diseases in general, and if these great cause of national disability and mortality are brought more nearly under control" (Newsholme 1918, 693).
Catarrhal jaundice sporadic and epidemic and its relation to acute yellow atrophy of the liver.