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The dried flowering tops of Nepeta cataria (family Labiatae); an emmenagogue and antispasmodic; also reported to produce psychic effects.
Synonym(s): catnep, catnip
[L. cattus, male cat (post-class)]
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Repellent activity of catmint, Nepeta cataria, and iridoid nepetalactone isomers against Afro-tropical mosquitoes, ixodid ticks and red poultry mites.
Literature suggests that white sage (Salvia apiana), calendula (Calendula officinalis), lemon catnip (Nepeta cataria ssp.
Their finding may lead to new roach repellents based on an active compound found in the catnip herb, Nepeta cataria.
Sih and Baltus (1987), for example, show that patch size explains a significant proportion of the variation in pollinator limitation in Nepeta cataria.
Catnip or catmint is the plant Nepeta Cataria, mildly intoxicating to about half of all cats.
Alan King, trainer of The Pirate's Queen and Midnight Cataria The Pirate's Queen got stuck in the ground at Wincanton and didn't see out the trip, but I'm hoping she'll stay on better ground.
Leaf infusion used in indigestion and rheumatic pains Nepeta cataria Linn.
The eight plant species used in this analysis were Coronilla varia, Impatiens capensis, Lathyrus latifolius, Leonurus cardiaca, Lonicera japonica, Nepeta cataria, Saponaria officinalis, and Trifolium pratense, and the six fungi used were Aureobasidium pullulans, Metschnikowia aff.
Salix alba y Scirpus holoschoenus + en 13; Oenanthe crocata y Sisymbrium officinale + en 14; Melissa officinalis, Nepeta cataria y Oenothera glazioviana + en 15; Mentha xpiperita + en 16 Aster lanceolatus, + en 17; Sparganium erectum s.
Midnight Cataria has far less on her plate than when last seen in a Listed race at Newbury when she contests the Racing UK-sponsored handicap hurdle at Ludlow.