catalase reaction

catalase reaction (kat´əlās),

n the response of bubbling in the presence of hydrogen peroxide given by blood exudates or transudates.
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The catalase reaction was negative, and the esculin hydrolysis reaction was quickly positive.
Among these 23 isolates, only 4 isolates showed a positive catalase reaction and the remaining 19 were catalase negative (Table 2).
Maximal velocities of catalase reaction ranged between 400 and 990 microliter of [O.
Lactobacilli were identified by standard methods including characteristic Gram stain morphology after growth on agar media (incubated aerobically and anaerobically), and a negative catalase reaction.
Suspected staphylococcal isolates were subcul tured onto Columbia blood agar and identified according to colony morphologic appearance, Gram staining, and catalase reaction.