catalase reaction

catalase reaction (kat´əlās),

n the response of bubbling in the presence of hydrogen peroxide given by blood exudates or transudates.
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The catalase reaction was negative, and the esculin hydrolysis reaction was quickly positive.
With the use of a sterile pick, a sample colony was gathered and was placed in the glass slide with the hydrogen peroxide and was observed for the appearance of bubbles which would indicate a positive catalase reaction.
aureus morphology were examined microscopically, gram stained, tested for catalase reaction and inoculated on Mannitol salt agar and incubated at 35 [degrees]C for 24 h.
Among these 23 isolates, only 4 isolates showed a positive catalase reaction and the remaining 19 were catalase negative (Table 2).
Lactobacilli were identified by standard methods including characteristic Gram stain morphology after growth on agar media (incubated aerobically and anaerobically), and a negative catalase reaction.