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A decision-making method used in biomedical ethics; based on previous experience with similar cases.
[L. casus, case]
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But i would argue that in the context of Spain, where for all practical purposes high casuistry was born, (9) the impostor Enric Marco's fraud proved uniquely possible.
It is remarkable the fact that Anscombe presents casuistry as a reliable decision procedure in a period when it was still considered to be a corrupt and dangerous method; casuistry was rehabilitated only in the late '80 as a result of a the efforts made by Albert Jonsen and Stephen Toulmin (Jonsen, Toulmin, 1988) but who, unfortunately, paid no tribute to Anscombe's early defense of the method.
Alongside the USCC statement, many theologians attempted a casuistry of accommodation that was designed precisely to anticipate the bishops' first concern, not to compromise Catholic teaching.
He practiced casuistry, the "detailed, almost forensic [and, in Boyle's case, apparently obsessive] examination" (2) of the moral and ethical implications of specific actions.
Two of them recalled that Toulmin was my coauthor on The Abuse of Casuistry.
Gritsch is especially hostile to the Roman Catholic practice of auricular confession, which he seems to think is governed to this day by a set of penitential catalogues, "medieval manuals [that] have grown into massive tomes with a rich casuistry on how to hunt down and confess sins" (p.
We did not need 17 years of casuistry to reveal something that was visibly evident within 17 minutes of the first assault on the dome and structure of the Babri mosque on 6 December 1992 - that the BJP, RSS and Shiv Sena were involved.
The pre-modern approaches are a teleological approach often referred to as virtue ethics and casuistry.
But when a dialogue is replaced by verbal equilibristics and doubtful legal casuistry, when the power only strive to defeat political opposition, when the entire political opposition is persecuted by the power, how one can talk about a reasonable dialogue," said in the statement.
Specifically, Hilaire Kallendorf demonstrates the still unrealized potential of using on-line databases for locating theater texts in which monologues or dialogues highlight the process of casuistry or "conscience in action.
Though casuistry was used as a way to interpret Vatican teachings, the framework of that casuistry tended towards the static, with primacy accorded to biological structures that were seen as normative given their creation by God.
The introductory chapter reviews the history of casuistry in Spain and the impact of the Order of Jesus on the education of playwrights and school drama, one of the bastions in the development of the comedia in Spain and the New World.