cash flow

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cash flow,

n the reported net income of a corporation plus amounts charged off for depreciation, depletion, amortization, and extraordinary charges to reserves, which are bookkeeping deductions not paid out in actual dollars and cents. A measurement tool used in recent years to offer a better indication of the ability of a company to pay dividends and finance expansion from self-generated cash than the conventional reported net income figure.
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In the final analysis, a company is valued as a multiple of its sales, EBITDA, EBIT, net income, and operating cash flow.
Evaluate projects based on cash flows (as opposed to accounting numbers).
Whenever there has been a material change in the net cash flow position of the holder of non-owner-occupied shares, they must file an annual amendment to the offering plan with the Attorney General's office and it is distributed to all of the shareholders.
REL is a world leading consulting firm dedicated to delivering sustainable cash flow improvement across business operations.
In many cases, the challenges of dealing with a global customer base and coordinating worldwide cash flow functions requires specialized business processes and technologies.
Nelson said until four years ago, his firm operated on the principle that if the firm generated income, cash flow would result.
He also has 400 apartments all over the Upper East Side with negative cash flows of approximately $4003 per unit per month.
The stable revenue base coupled with anticipated improvement in operating margins should in Fitch's opinion yield relatively stable generation of free cash flow and continue improvement of the company's key credit protection measures.
in which warning signs were most evident in their cash flow statements--the investment community has tempered its fixation on earnings per share in favor of a greater reliance on cash flows.
The cash flow adequacy ratio directly measures a company's ability to generate cash sufficient to pay its debts, reinvest in its operations and make distributions (dividends) to owners.
Perhaps the most important number on the cash flow statement is the cash flow from operating activities, also called operating cash flows or cash from operations.