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While your case study will not include a formal literature review, it is important to read relevant literature and to cite and discuss pertinent articles in your case study.
It is based on the longer Harvard Case Study "Raju Omlet: Expanding in the United Arab Emirates," which is available at hbr.
A qualitative case study uses mostly narrative data to facilitate exploration of a phenomenon, such as the grief experienced by the mother of a substance-abusing child (Dion, 2014).
The case study has to be presented in a chronological order with enough but succinct details.
The researcher made a phone call to the director of special education schools in Kuwait explaining the case study and the benefits that the Kuwait Ministry of Education (KMOE) could gain after its completion.
This case study explores how Navy Special Warfare Group One is employing network-centric warfare capabilities in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and the Global War on Terrorism.
While most of the individual case study methods presented are not new, this book is among the first to elaborate a comprehensive framework for integrating the methods towards new understanding and knowledge.
The most impressive thing about this textbook is the wide variety of topics covered and discussed in not only the case study questions, but in the answers and rationale section of the book.
The strength of the work--and a strength of this style of case study overall--is the effective use of the narrative drama of the trial.
These descriptions of perceived growth complement the preliminary case study results reported earlier by researchers Brannan and Fullerton in the January/February 1999 issue of Camping Magazine.
Secondary data, drawing from previous case study research.