case reserve

case re·serve

(kās rē-zĕrv')
The dollar amount stated in health care claims file that represents an estimate of the unpaid balance.
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The most effective processes include case reserve assessments at routine intervals, through which companies can identify and then pursue opportunities for improvement.
Case reserve adequacy assessments without an appropriate foundation and documentation supporting the evaluation and reserve opinion have little credibility and are of questionable value.
Tyche seeks to help carriers set an accurate case reserve for legal complaints, Cassady said.
The resilience shown by the Indian economy in face of adversity at a time fiscal and monetary stimulus put in place by the Government and central bank of India, in this case Reserve Bank helped the Indian economy to weather the crisis without such intervention," Mukherjee said.
While initially setting the case reserve at the commonplace expected outcome, the ultimate payment could well be many times that amount.
Fromhold graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Case Reserve University.
Received inventory is stored in carousels for small items, shelving for larger products, case reserve, and the new mezzanine storage area.
The Case Reserve module enables claims handlers to use historical data to make a case estimate based upon similar injuries to provide insurance companies with more accurate information on which to base their reserves.
First, the adjuster cannot set an accurate case reserve figure without knowing the type and cost of medical treatment, the extent of any wage loss, the permanency of the injuries, and an indication of your client's credibility and personal background.
As orders are assigned to stores, the WMS first looks for available stock in the split-case area before assigning picks in the full case reserve racks.
The Late Robert Collin, PhD, taught at Case Reserve Western University, where he was chairman of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics.
It is vital that all of these claim management organizations focus on the practices that lead to reasonable case reserve estimates, which, in turn, contribute to reasonable aggregate reserves for financial reporting purposes.