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 [kas-kar´ah] (Sp.)
cascara sagra´da dried bark of the shrub Rhamnus purshiana, used as a cathartic.

cas·car·a sa·gra·da

the dried bark of Rhamnus purshiana (family Rhamnaceae); used as a laxative.
Synonym(s): cascara


/cas·ca·ra/ (kas-kar´ah) [Sp.] bark.
cascara sagra´da  dried bark of the shrub Rhamnus purshiana, used as a cathartic.

cascara, cascara sagrada

dried bark of Rhamnus purshiana, used as an irritant cathartic.
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Cascara Center is accepting new clients and can be reached at (360) 647-8011 or online at www.
In the US, all anthraquinone-based laxatives sold in pharmacies contain senna, although products containing cascara can be purchased in health food stores.
An interesting side note about cascara is that some people believe that black bears understand about the effect of ingesting cascara bark and when coming out of hibernation actually seek out a cascara tree in order to eat the bark.
Los productos pelados y cocinados estan empezando a dominar el mercado estadounidense, reemplazando a las colas de camaron con cascara.
Some dietary supplements and so-called dieter's teas that contain senna, cascara, aloe, buckthorn and other plant-derived laxatives have been associated with injury and illness when consumed in excessive amounts.
We do not recommend Colace [R], Senakot [R], cascara or phenolphthalein compounds (i.
Forest produce ranges from cascara to rayon dresses.
The project will use the waters of Box Canyon Creek, Marty Creek and Cascara Creek to generate and sell 100% of their output to British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority under a 40-year electricity purchase agreement.
Anthraquinones are widely distributed secondary metabolites of plants (aloe, cascara sagrada, senna and rhubarb), microbes, lichens and insects, which possess various biological activities (Zaprometnov 1993; Gorelik 1983; Fain 1999).
Cascara, a far more potent laxative, is the next option.
Green Coffee Bean Extract Cleanse, also containing 100% pure extract, was developed to support overall body cleansing with ingredients such as cape aloe, senna leaf and Cascara sagrada.