casamino acids

cas·a·mi·no ac·ids

(kās'ă-mē'nō as'idz),
Trivial term for the mixture of amino acids derived by hydrolysis of casein; used in bacterial and similar growth media.
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4]), casamino acids, amino acids, carbonhydrates, protein supplements (gelatin, albumin, and casein), and salts of divalent metals were sterilized separately and added into the medium before inoculation in indicated concentrations.
Bacterial growth media that are used to produce the vaccine contain casamino acids, according to Adacel labeling.
1995), the addition of casamino acids and inositol is important for the formation of the fruiting body of A.
6 Growth on: Casamino acids ND + Sucrose - - ([dagger]) D-Ribose ND - ([dagger]) DL-Aspartate ND - L-Proline ND - L-Glutamate ND W ([dagger]) L-Leucine ND Degradation of: Starch - - Gelatin + + ([dagger][dagger]) Tween 80 ND + Tyrosine + + Agar ND - Carboxymethyl cellulose ND - Cellulose ND - Chitin ND - Esculin ND - Nitrate reduction + + ([dagger][dagger]) [H.
The cell pellets were resuspended in yeast nitrogen-based casamino acids medium containing 20 g/L galactose to an [A.
Lactose, galactose, serine, glutamine, ferric chloride, ferrous sulfate, dextrose, aspartic acid, threonine, arginine, asparagine, methionine, leucine, citrate, sucrose, soluble starch, and casamino acids were used as potential chemoattractants.