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In dentistry, removal of excess filling material, using special instruments to produce accurate anatomic contours and restore form and function to the tooth.
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Different members of the group have used special wood carving chisels to create six separate plaques which have now been framed as one piece of work.
Noguchi's men, by contrast, not only had to be wood or stone or marble rather than constructivist figures, but they also had to invoke the long tradition of bodily carving by taking its key tenets actively apart.
Commonly found among the symbolic carvings, garnered from Middle Eastern, Egyptian, and Indian cultures, are lotus flowers, fish, and fish scales, representing fertility; and date and palm trees symbolizing prosperity and good health.
In a country with only 25 per cent literacy, these narrative paintings have the same function as medieval cathedral stone carvings and stained glass windows.
Some of the carvings are well over 100 years old, a connection to a way of life rapidly disappearing, a folk art borne of long, lonely hours tending sheep in remote places.
Carving illustrates Newton Second Law of Motion (2): An external force on an object causes the object to accelerate, or speed up, in the direction of the force.
In addition, the kits contained fun, carving ideas from carving chef, Chef Harvey.
Displaying the true American entrepreneurial spirit that a profit can be made from almost anything, Hill, who has an extensive wood products marketing background, has discovered that wood products executives are willing to pay to have a wood carving of their chief business problem sitting in their offices.
It's like playing the violin,' Michael Lopez Teves says of carving Jamon Iberico.
There was a time in Joe Valasek's artistic life when he vowed he would never use power tools to make a wood carving.
Nazir has been carving wood for more than twenty five years now.