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Relating to a rounded pattern, from which short curved radiations appear to emanate
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Cartwheels Preschool is a nonprofit organization, and all donations are tax deductible.
And as for my shoulder, the doctors had just advised me to ease off on the cartwheels for a while, but I hope we'll see it again on Saturday.
Airdrie's Waysiders, led by Frank Moulds, squeezed to a narrow 7-5 win over The Cartwheel from Blairgowrie in the first regional final and now march on to the national final in London on November 17.
He added that other officers reported that Knox was doing cartwheels and splits in the police station.
Georgia told us: "My best part was when we were making up a routine with cartwheels and other moves.
When I do a cartwheel, I look more like a klutzy clown.
In the roda, she literally springs into action, doing several aerial cartwheels to evade the other player.
Generous was not only Paul Cole's first two-year-old winner of 1990, winning over five furlongs at Ascot in May, but he also finished second in the Coventry Stakes and fourth in the 2,000 Guineas before winning the Derby turning cartwheels.
MORE than 60,000 people packed into St Andrew's - blimey, you can almost see David Sullivan springing cartwheels in the boardroom.
HEAVYWEIGHT Stevie Simmons did cartwheels after completing a fine first day for Scotland in boxing.
She accomplishes this (thanks to a broken wrist suffered in rehearsals) with one-handed cartwheels.
But jauntiness rears its head in the form of one-armed cartwheels, all to the urban sounds of dripping water and jackhammers.