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Relating to Cartesius, latinized form of Descartes.


Relating to the philosophy, methods or coordinates of (Des)cartes, who proposed the notion of a mind-body dualism (‘ghost in the machine’) which has haunted medical thought ever since, but which is now beginning to be rejected by many of those with enough interest to consider the matter. (Rene Descartes, 1596–1650, French mathematician and philosopher)


René, French philosopher, mathematician, physiologist, 1596-1650.
cartesian - relating to Cartesius, latinized form of Descartes.
Descartes law - for two given media, the sine of the angle of incidence bears a constant relation to the sine of the angle of refraction. Synonym(s): law of refraction
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Today, a 5-axis all-servo Cartesian robot can offer many of the same parts-handling capabilities as a 6-axis articulated-arm robot, but does so in a configuration that will be familiar to anyone who has used 3-axis robots.
It also briefly points out that the political adequacy of anti-Cartesian (post-Cartesian) subjectivity cannot be denied on the grounds that subjectivity as represented through the Cartesian Ego is done away with in an anti-Cartesian move.
Cartesian Pictures specializes in scriptwriting, story boarding, directing, lighting, location sound, shooting in high-definition, editing, mastering to various formats, conversion for the web, and dvd mastering and duplication.
Such an auxiliary coordinate system may be a 3D Cartesian horizontal coordinate system with its origin at the position of the measurement instrument, Geodetic or 3D Cartesian geocentric equatorial coordinates of point should be known for relating observations to the geodetic coordinate system.
The unknowns of optimization problem are the parameters that are defining the position and the orientation of Cartesian coordinates system assigned to the base of robot [O.
We now offer the widest range of SCARA robots on the market, a Cartesian solution that can be configured in literally hundreds of ways and a six-axis robot that can be compared with the very best in its class.
Bayle seems to have followed the Cartesian tendency to skepticism even in a pyrrhonian sense, questioning the possibility of ever knowing anything for certain.
For students who have taken introductory courses in graph theory and algebra, Imrich (Montanuniversitat Leoben, Austria) and other experts in the field introduce the Cartesian product (the product set containing all possible combinations of one element from each set).
Using Eglash's Virtual Bead Loom program, you can experiment with the Cartesian coordinate system to make your own beautiful works of art.
The system is based on a Cartesian machine with a range of 1,000 mm in all three axes.
For these choices, at the heart of the advances and compromises that made the light-green society, Bess credits the very humanized nature of France's landscape, a Latin culture more familiar with an urban and rural heritage than any myth of primeval forest, and a Cartesian tradition of detached reasoning.
Instead, we are offered a Cartesian formula whereby the concepts and moral choices of an individual patient are mistaken for reality and deemed to justify, and even mandate, compliance on the part of the caregiver.