carrier wave

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carrier wave,

n the medium through which signals and energy are delivered from one body to another.
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of 68 7 61 tests Abbreviations: AM, amplitude modulated; CDMA, code division multiple access; CW, carrier wave (unmodulated RF); DAMPS, digital advance mobile phone system; FDMA, frequency division multiple access; FM, frequency modulated; GSM, global standard for mobile; PW, pulsed wave; TDMA, time division multiple access; UWB, ultra-wide band.
As with the tracking codes, the GPS receiver can correlate to the carrier wave to gather ranging information to each satellite.
Currently, the mainstream commercial 40G/100G WDM systems use a single carrier wave.
In principle such a system has no dynamic limitations: The strength of the observable quantity is read by counting the number of cycles of the carrier wave that bear the phase alteration; the signal strength never exceeds the capacity of the transmission lines.
Promoted by the prosperity of smart meters such as carrier wave electronic meter and the construction of China's smart grid, traditional meter companies have successively entered into the smart meter field.
Recently, Softheon was selected to participate in pilot program for CMS Direct Enrollment connectivity and carrier wave testing and successfully added marketplace members with multiple carrier core systems, including TriZetto QNXT, DST Amisys, HealthEdge, ikaSystems and EPIC.
56MHz carrier wave to provide both power to the smartcard and data communication between the card and the reader.