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The treatment, a biologic molecule made up of a peptide that fights Alzheimers and an antibody-based carrier molecule designed to shuttle the peptide into the brain, is a custom-engineered therapeutic developed at NRC.
Stellar KLH is a carrier molecule used in Neovacs' Kinoid technology.
Like cocaine, MDPV clogs the ports in the carrier molecule so dopamine can't be mopped up once it has done its job, Baumann and colleagues reported in 2013 in Neuropsychopharmacology.
The nanodrugs use nanoparticle materials such as liposomes (imitation cell membrane) and albumin (a carrier molecule of the body) as nano-scale drug containers and vectors, to be injected into the bloodstream.
Strikingly, he has identified vitamin K2, which is known for its role in bone formation and blood clotting, as a novel mitochondrial electron carrier molecule that is required to maintain high levels of mitochondrial activity and neurotransmitter release.
Now, Thorson, graduate student Richard Gantt and postdoctoral fellow Pauline Peltier-Pain have described a simple process to separate the sugars from a carrier molecule, then attach them to a drug or other chemical.
Albumin is a natural, abundant carrier molecule, present in high volumes in the bloodstream and has a naturally long half-life of 20 days.
Scientists can then use the STM tip to lift the carrier molecule, leaving the clump of atoms behind.
Myodur includes carnitine, a membrane transport carrier molecule that targets skeletal muscle, and its passenger molecule, leupeptin, a calpain inhibitor.
Protherics chief executive Andrew Heath said: "The company has now found a way of packing more angiotensin onto the carrier molecule which could mean patients would need a booster shot only once a year.
We found that the effects of FWA can be improved with the addition of a carrier molecule and with other photostabilization technologies.

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