carrier gas

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carrier gas (karˑ·ē·er gasˑ),

n a chemically nonreactive gas, such as helium or nitrogen that carries vapor through the column of a gas-liquid chromatograph; known as the mobile phase.
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The Ecology mode eliminates unnecessary power consumption by the GC, MS and PC, and also decreases the consumption of the carrier gas.
These single combination filters are optimized to remove oxygen, moisture and hydrocarbons from GCMS carrier gas, so benefits are obtained from a single filter.
In addition, it provides eco-friendly features for saving consumption of power and carrier gas to minimize laboratory operating costs and environmental impact.
Limited Tenders are invited for Hydrotesting and refilling of gail owned carrier gas cylinders and refilling of carrier gases(nitrogen and hydrogen)
Two ships, container vessel Mataquito and gas carrier Gas Niaz sailed out to sea on Friday morning.
Container Vessel MSC Algeciras and Chemicals carrier Gas Ethereal are expected to sail on Thursday afternoon.
Significant cost savings, reduced environmental impact and more efficient disposal, reuse and handling of water are already being achieved by Gradiant's proprietary Carrier Gas Extraction (CGE), Free Radical Disinfection (FRD) and Selective Chemical Extraction (SCE) solutions.
999% carrier gas to achieve better results of their analysis at lower and lower concentration levels.
In a typical synthesis run, carrier gas (pure nitrogen) and material feedstock (boron powder) are injected into separate ports near the plasma plume.

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