carrier gas

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carrier gas (karˑ·ē·er gasˑ),

n a chemically nonreactive gas, such as helium or nitrogen that carries vapor through the column of a gas-liquid chromatograph; known as the mobile phase.
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Air (for thermo-oxidative pyrolysis), steam, recycled gas or other gases can be used as the carrier gas in the tubular reactor.
To investigate the effect of the carrier gas flow rate on the char yield, the pyrolysis experiments for pinewood were carried out at 650[degrees]C and with different nitrogen flow rates of 100, 500, and 1,000 mL/min (Fig.
when using a plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) radio frequency plasma apparatus and oxygen as a carrier gas cannot be seen.
Carrier gas helium was used and the flow rate 2ml/min maintained.
999 %, analytic grade) are used as carrier gas and diluent to aid in the vapourization of lactic acid.
The DVS Intrinsic from Surface Measurement Systems rapidly measures uptake and loss of moisture in the sample by a controlled flowing carrier gas at a specified RH (relative humidity) over a sample suspended from the weighing mechanism of SMS's digital microbalance, SMS UltraBalance.
The DVS Intrinsic rapidly measures moisture uptake and loss in a sample using a controlled flowing carrier gas at a specified relative humidity (RH) over a sample suspended from the weighing mechanism of our highly sensitive and stable digital microbalance (SMS UltraBalance).
Contemporarily, we see that sidestream nebulizer connection seems to be the norm for pneumatically powered nebulizers; the same gas that it used to generate the aerosol is also used as the carrier gas to propel that aerosol out of the device and into the delivery circuit.
No extractive sampling is performed, and no carrier gas is required.
8 times more heat capacity than air a smaller amount of carrier gas is required and the size of auxiliary equipment can be reduced.
The carbon dioxide can then be detected in the water using conductivity, or absorbed into a carrier gas and detected by non-dispersive infrared.

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