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Alexis, French-U.S. surgeon and Nobel laureate, 1873-1944. See: Carrel treatment, Carrel-Lindbergh pump, Dakin-Carrel treatment.
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The library realized after completion of the project that the location of the new group study carrels on the mezzanine was not ideal.
Most people thought the answer was simple: Make the users bring their books to the circulation desk before taking them to their carrels or offices.
Each carrel has a door allowing privacy for couples fearful of being caught by library staff.
13) Visiting media get a tour of the museum library's state-of-the-art electronic viewing carrels.
Funding for shelving falls into the loose furniture category, which also includes all library technical furniture (tables, carrels, chairs, atlas stands, etc.
And finally, in a pod formation near the front of the lab, four carrels contain a variety of audio and video equipment.
conditional phase 2 supply, delivery, assembly and installation of tables for the carrel carrel 12 places and 24 places, including associated components
The old picture of the college library, stacked with books, magazines and study carrels as the campus center of learning, is somewhat blurred.
The 'library as a landscape' is a succinctly organized microcosm in which each fold has been given over to one faculty consisting of a service core, book storage space, reading tables and carrels which can be booked for individual studying.