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Baltimore Oriole feathers naturally contain a complex mixture of eight carotenoid pigments that range in color from yellow to red on TLC.
Carotenoid pigments in male House Finch plumage in relation to age, subspecies, and ornamental coloration.
IQF's feed carotenoid pigments in particular will align with Novus' feed preservative and dietary antioxidant product families, said the company.
The link between diet and plumage coloration should be particularly strong for species that have carotenoid-based plumages, which are highly dependent on carotenoid pigments obtained from food sources (Moller et al.
Many bird species use carotenoid pigments as colourants, which are responsible for most of their red, orange and yellow coloration.
A red snow alga, for example, develops 12 carotenoid pigments.
Young barn swallow gapes vary from a greenish yellow to bright red, depending on the abundance of carotenoid pigments.
Inhibiting this enzyme leads to a reduction of carotenoid pigments, and ultimately, destruction of leaf chlorophyll in sensitive species.
Lycopene, one of the carotenoid pigments in tomatoes, is a well-known antioxidant.
cardinalis' red color, which results from high concentrations of anthocyanin and carotenoid pigments, attracts hummingbirds but goes unnoticed by bumblebees, which, Bradshaw points out, don't detect red.