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, gen.


, pl.


(kā'rō, kar'nis, -nes),
The fleshy parts of the body; muscular and fatty tissues.
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Caro mentions another work which, while still in a prominent public place, is scarcely looked at by anyone today: Alfred Hardiman's equestrian monument to Earl Haig in London's Whitehall.
In total, Caro in Yorkshire has more than 80 works, spanning six decades, including a number of Last Sculptures created shortly before the artist's death.
Caro had brought about 60 Xerox images of architectural sites from throughout the world and we stapled these to a plywood board near where we were fabricating so that these images would inform and inspire our work.
In his effort to turn a state of exception into the rule, Caro placed Colombia under the Vatican's spiritual authority and within Spain's cultural domain.
If you missed seeing her here, Caro will be back in the spring, at Newcastle City Hall
Caro said: "I know what people like Sue Black do - all the crime writers get that.
Caro Emerald plays the Philharmonic Hall on Saturday September 7.
There were strong concerns that Caro Quintero's release would strain relations with the US.
The DEA said in a statement that it would continue to seek Caro Quintero's extradition to the U.
Sitting in a restaurant overlooking the London skyline, Caro Emerald is made-up for the evening's performance and is exuding easy-going glamour.
1998) studied how presenting the CARO would affect the development of equivalence for a pair of three member classes in a match-to-sample (MTS) procedure.