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car·line this·tle

(kahr'lēn this'ĕl)
Herbal made from Carlina acaulis; of purported therapeutic value in antisepsis and in treating menstrual disorders; seizures in users have been reported.
Synonym(s): felon herb, mugwort.
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Moors had their best chance just past the hour when a slick one-two saw Darren Carter find Carline whose effort was deflected agonisingly wide.
Wrexham were dominating proceedings, yet had failed to find that crucial second goal, and they should have been punished twice in quick succession, Carline unleashing a shot that flashed across the face of Dunn's goal, and needed only the slightest of contacts from Kwame Thomas or substitute Jermaine Hylton to level, while Thomas was inches away from getting a telling touch to a long lump into the Dragons box, the home side defence for once guilty of being caught out at the back.
Sutton's Louis John and Moors' George Carline in an aerial duel
We are unable to confirm any updates with regards to the damages caused in the fire at The Torch, or when residents will be able to return to their units as investigations are still under way by the authorities," explained Carline.
UK Carline said Newcastle Council would have received PS22,196,900 if each offence between January 2014 and March 2017 attracted a maximum PS100 fine.
UK Carline said Newcastle City Council would have received PS22,196,900 if each offence between January 2014 and March 2017 attracted a maximum PS100 fine.
Consumers "want authenticity from their favorite brands when it comes to packaging and product representation," Carline asserts.
Carline, 34, claimed he was protecting a friend after banter with City fans ended in violence - and insisted he "did what his grandad would have done".
Jordan Archer, playing against his former club, reduced the arrears on 39 minutes but this just spurred on the Reds and George Carline and Osborne fired them into a 4-1 interval lead.
Volkswagen Passenger Cars India director, Michael Mayer, said, 'The Indian Compact Sedan, our made-in-India and made-for-India carline is a truly special offering from the Volkswagen stable with all the brand values of best in class safety features, build quality and a great driving experience, and is expected to be a game-changer for us.
An innocuous shot from George Carline seemed to trouble Merthyr goalkeeper Tom Bradley and he was only able to push the ball into the path of Jazz Luckie who gratefully accepted the gift.
Gayle Carline creates scenes that are high-charged and appealing, including the insights of male protagonists as well as the central female figure: something that rounds out the action and special interests quite well: "Her breath was a soft breeze in his ear as she confessed her innocence, and he could almost feel the strength of her heartbeat, pounding like a horse's hooves.