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A class B felony (US) defined as the intentional or knowing taking of a motor vehicle from the possession of another by use of (1) a deadly weapon; or (2) force or intimidation
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15 carjacking and killing of Dustin Friedland outside The Mall at Short Hills.
Alison Birkett of the AA said carjacking was the criminals' response to the improved alarm and security systems fitted to new cars.
Carjacking may have no other motive than thrill-seeking, which escalates purely by getting away with the crime.
Garcia was 17 during the February 2002 carjackings in Lancaster but was tried as an adult.
In each of the two carjackings, Garcia acted with an accomplice.
To minimize the chances of being the victim of a carjacking, the Institute suggests the following:
Mr King said, "We need to crack down on carjacking before it becomes the main component of car crime.
Experiences within my own family--a carjacking attempt on my wife and myself, an attempted abduction of my wife from a well-lit parking lot, and the attempted robbery of my daughter and son-in-law--were all stopped when the multiple assailants (in each case, two) were confronted with armed resistance, without a shot being fired.
Bobby Hume, 56, was killed in a carjacking as he drove in Johannesburg, South Africa.
However, analysis indicates that the majority of carjackings occur in parking lots, residential streets or driveways, service stations, and intersections.
Further, of the total carjackings nationally, less than three percent end in violence.
Among the spate of carjackings in the city since April 21, a mum, her young son and his pal were held up by a man who jumped into her vehicle claiming he was armed with a Taser.