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The dentate stamp vessel is an everted rim globular jar with sharply carinated and ledged shoulder.
72) Although the carinated cup FS 240 and the linear angular bowl FS 295 are not yet present, the prevalence of early LH IIIC indicators and the absence of typical LH IIIB2 features suggest that the pottery from trench P VI-V postdates LH IIIB Final at Tiryns and late LH IIIB2 at Midea.
The second is the angular kylix FS 267, which has a carinated shoulder, rim with no lip or only a slight one, and a single vertical strap handle.
1D), it is distinguished, moreover, by presenting the scutellar disc carinated (Fig.
Vessel association was initially hinted at by a number of rim sherds from a carinated vessel decorated with a dentate-stamped face motif.
Carinated lower wall with vertical sides; vertical handle attachment preserved, starting from carination.
Felgate identified only one Late Lapita pot assemblage, Honiavasa, which has a number of decorative techniques: dentate stamping, linear incision, scalloped rims and carinated sherds.
Johnson 1988, casserole type 1 with carinated side, nos.
4 These forms include rounded and straight-sided bowls, carinated bowls, droop-handled bowls, folded bowls, chalices, kraters, juglets, jugs, strainer jugs, jars, storage jars and pithoi, amphoriskoi, goblets, pilgrim flasks, pyxides, cooking pots, lamps, cup-and-saucers, ring stands, drain pipes, unusual forms, and miscellaneous sherds.
Open-mouth jars with carinated shoulders (Type I d) may have this type of rim treatment, but they also include vessels with strongly everted rims and flat to rounded lips (Figure 7).
From the same tomb comes a composite Helladic-Minoan silver goblet, with its carinated shape and a Minoan niello floral scene (Fig.
Many of the hallmarks of the Mardikh IIB2/Late Selenkahiye ("EB IVB") Period at the end of the third millennium appear, including shallow carinated bowls with vertical rims (plate 98) and globular goblets with collared rims (plate 105-J-M).