caries risk assessment

car·ies risk as·sess·ment

(karēz risk ă-sesmĕnt)
Procedure to predict future dental caries development before the onset of disease.
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KEYWORDS: Caries risk assessment, Cariogram, Children, Dental caries.
With caries risk assessment, the dental hygienist may recommend fluoride therapy, apply fluoride varnish, teach improved brushing techniques and interproximal biofilm management, apply sealants and refer the patient to the dentist for further restorative treatment.
Individualized preventive dental health plans, specific to a child's caries risk assessment
ICCMS[TM] is a recently agreed comprehensive system integrating caries risk assessment, staging of lesions and tooth preserving management of tooth decay.
The respondents (90-95%) had sound knowledge about the caries risk assessment.
There is evidence that involving primary care providers in administering select preventive dental services such as application of fluoride varnish, caries risk assessment, anticipatory guidance, and referral to a dental home are effective measures in preventing childhood caries.
Caries risk assessment using Cariogram appears to be unrelated with caries experience or the number of caries lesions in this high-caries adult population.
University of North Carolina Caries Risk Assessment Study: comparisons of high risk prediction, any risk prediction, and any risk etiologic models.
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