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Canadian Association of Radiologists.


Abbreviation for:
Canadian Association of Radiologists
Cardiac Ablation Registry
cell adhesion regulator
Center for Aging Research
cis anti-repression sequence
conditional antimicrobial reporting
Continued Access Registry, see there
corrective Action Report
cytarabine-usually, ara-C
ytosolic androgen receptor


congenital articular rigidity.

Patient discussion about CAR

Q. Is forgetting where you parked your car a sign of a memory problem? Is forgetting where you parked your car a sign of a memory problem? Should you be concerned and consult your doctor about it?

A. This is a common concern that adults voice. However, I wouldn’t be concerned if it is just that. Forgetting where you parked your car is more a problem of inattention than of memory. Adults compared to the young are less good at Divided Attention. They are not as good at simultaneously thinking about an issue and paying attention to where they parked their car. They tend not to pay attention to where they are parked and not register this information in their mind in the first place. What you do not pay attention to, you cannot expect to remember. The solution is to make a habit of paying attention to where you are parked. Take a good look at the surroundings before you leave the parking lot and then you will notice fewer incidence of the problem.

Q. My sister became an alcoholic after she lost her hubby in a car accident.I certainly know that she needs help. My sister became an alcoholic after she lost her hubby in a car accident. She has quit her job as well. She drinks until she goes unconscious. I was out of the country and was not able to help her and now after 4 months, I am back for a short leave. I don’t know the quantity she consumes every day. I certainly know that she needs help……now ….I will take her to a doc this weekend…..but I am wondering can this turn into alcoholism? The nature has played havoc in my sister’s life. But I must help her out….I am desperate to get some suggestions or advice

A. I am glad that you are taking measures to help your sister. This is the first step the family member of the drinker can take and you did that. You just try to talk to your sister about the problem and motivate her to get help. Definitely she will regret to get any sort of help and that is the first warning sign that she has entered alcoholism. She might refuse to accept that alcohol is the source of all the problems. Just talk to her politely and convince her to undergo screening test and with proper counseling your sister can be normal as the underlying cause of the problem is the loss of loved one which is difficult to be faced by anyone. Don’t lose hopes and make all possible efforts to make her life happy. May god bless you both!

Q. Dizziness and vomiting after a car accident, what can it be? Two days ago I was in a car accident and a car rear ended me. I went to the emergency room and was checked up and was discharged saying all is ok. Following the next morning I woke up and the whole room was spinning. I feel nauseous and find it hard to do daily activities. What do I have?

A. It could be Vertigo. The sudden onset of vertigo usually indicates a peripheral vestibular disorder.
Symptoms of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) usually last a few seconds to a few minutes and are intermittent (i.e., come and go). They also may include lightheadedness, imbalance, and nausea, usually as a result of a change in position (e.g., rolling over in bed, getting out of bed). Please consult your GP about these symptoms.

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Jones has been carful to protect Ramsey, who is already attracting interest from the likes of Liverpool and Chelsea, but finds himself forced to give the teenager a run in the side now due to injury to Welsh international Joe Ledley.
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It is clear that coming and going and transit of fuel in Iran certainly needs carful and watchful control," the minister said.
Father and son Azam and Ali Shah took advantage of the closing down sale yesterday to buy a carful of shelving for their corner shop on Railway Street in Brighouse.
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A carful of gang members drove by about a year ago and unleashed a hail of bullets into the grass and trees in the park.