1. A poisonous glycoside with specific cardiac effects. For example, causes irreversible depolarization of cell membranes.
2. Specifically, one of the toxic principles from cobra venom.
3. Any substance that can cause heart damage with toxic doses.
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Inhibition of Src activation with cardiotoxin III blocks migration and invasion of MDA-MB-231 cells.
Both groups were injected with cardiotoxin in the leg to cause muscle damage.
FIR sauna has also proved effective in eliminating heavy metals, and Rogers also reminds us that CHF patients have vastly more mercury in the heart than healthy young individuals and that cadmium is a particularly virulent cardiotoxin.
The year-long campaign, Destination Healthy Heart: A Road Map to Managing Heart Failure will kick-off February 8 and will consist of a roll out of a series of topics focusing on different conditions related to heart failure such as: Cardiorenal Syndrome, Atrial Fibrillation, Viral Illness, Cardiotoxins, Takotsubo (Broken Heart Syndrome), and more.
RuDusky, an associate editor of the international journal Angiology, describes the physical indications and results that medical examiners should expect to find in corpses that have expired from cardiac trauma, vascular abnormalities, cardiopathic disorders, and cardiotoxins.

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