cardiopulmonary exercise test

car·di·o·pul·mo·nar·y ex·er·cise test

(CPX) (kahr'dē-ō-pul'mŏ-nār-ē eks'ĕr-sīz test)
Assessment of heart disease involving patient's use of a treadmill or cycling machine whileattached to an electrocardiographic machine; measures oxygen use and evaluates electrical cardiac patterns.
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Cycle ergometer-based (Corival[R] 400, Medical Graphics Corporation, MGC, USA) cardiopulmonary exercise test (Cardi[O.
2]peak from an arm crank test would be of use for clinicians not only for pre-operative risk stratification but also for routine cardiopulmonary exercise test (CPET) in adults with restricted lower limb mobility.
Patient compliance with the six-minute walk test is higher than with the cardiopulmonary exercise test (28).
Aerobic training consisted of a 15-min continuous walk/run on treadmill with the intensity fixed between 70% and 85% of each subject's maximum heart rate obtained from the maximal cardiopulmonary exercise test.
So the cardiopulmonary exercise test is not just a surrogate endpoint; it's a measure of functional outcome that matters to patients," he said.
Following admission to the study, all subjects underwent an integrated maximal cardiopulmonary exercise test on an electrically braked stationary cycle ergometer (Medical Graphics Corporation, Minneapolis; USA--Breeze Software integrated with the XScribe 5, Mortara Instrument Europe s.
1] found a substantially deteriorated physical exercise capacity in myalgic encephalopathy/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), as established by a cardiopulmonary exercise test (peak oxygen uptake [[VO.
A controlled, supervised cardiopulmonary exercise test has been considered the 'gold standard' (5) for evaluating the causes of exercise intolerance in patients with heart failure.
Significant increases in physical exercise capacities on cardiopulmonary exercise test at the end of the 3rd month were observed in all patients.
They developed the walk test as an alternative to the standard maximal cardiopulmonary exercise test, which is relatively expensive and can be impractical in some settings.
Ideally, this assessment would include a cardiopulmonary exercise test, strength measurements of specific major muscle groups, and flexibility tests.

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