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Research on the cognitive development of children with cardiopathy has distinguished between cyanotic and acyanotic conditions.
Ischemic cardiopathy and arterial hypertension were present in 32% and 41% of all cases, respectively.
Diabetes mellitus, cardiopathy, and hypogonadism were assessed from the medical records as established diagnoses.
Patients with diabetes mellitus, nephropathy, cardiopathy, hepatic disease, cancer, pregnant women, as well as patients with evidence of secondary hypertension or those with known intolerance to captopril or to the H.
Table 1 Risk factors for secondary upper-extremity deep vein thrombosis (a) Risk factor Risk level Central indwelling catheter 29-72% Nonmalignancy-related coagulopathies 10-61% Malignancy 22-37% Infection 21-28% Previous surgery 12-21% Renal failure 21% Immobility 21% History of LEDVT 8-18% Concurrent LEDVT 13% Cardiopathy 8-13% Trauma 9% Pacemaker 4-8% Stroke 7% Vasculitis 6% Medications 4% (a) LEDVT, lower-extremity deep vein thrombosis.
One patient had an ischemic cardiopathy treated with a coronary by-pass, and one had had an acute episode of myocardial infarction (5 years previously).
Left atrial abnormalities indicating diastolic ventricular dysfunction in cardiopathy of obesity.