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Second, we used self-reported data reporting physician specialty, so we may have misclassified physicians and obscured a possible benefit associated with cardiologist care; however, self-reported and actual physician specialty are highly correlated (Ayanian et al.
The webinar is led by an expert at helping cardiologists grow their practice, and the new ways they are doing this, Drew Stevens, and focuses on:
Coupled with earlier work, the new studies "establish the role of drug-[releasing] stents as the preferred treatment" for blocked bare-metal stents, says cardiologist Adnan Kastrati of the German Heart Center in Munich.
Cost and appropriateness of radio nuclide exercise stress testing by cardiologists and non-cardiologists.
Methods and strategies used by leading speakers and cardiologists and what you can quickly and easily incorporate into your own strategy
Experts inside and outside of the specialty are concerned about what they see as a shortage of cardiologists.
The webinar is led by an expert at helping cardiologists capitalize on social networking web sites, Kristian Hansen, and focuses on:
The drug treatment also delayed an injury-related decline in the heart's output of pumped blood, the Virginia cardiologists reported in the January Pediatric Research.
During the study's presentation at the annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology, it quickly came under fire from cardiologists in the audience who noted that noncardiologists' patients had more comorbid illnesses.
The program is being introduced at a time when many cardiologists are facing serious concerns and fears about the impact to their practices due to projected 25 to 50 percent decreases in reimbursement.
The average number of treadmill tests per cardiologist fell to their lowest level in a decade, but stress echocardiogram tests increased to their highest level, with an average of four percent of all patients undergoing such stress testing.
Yet neurologists' expectations of success in quelling the headaches are generally modest, says cardiologist Mark Reisman of Seattle's Swedish Medical Center.