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car·di·o·lip·in (CL),

A 1,3-bis(phosphatidyl)glycerol found in many biomembranes with immunologic properties; used in serologic diagnosis of syphilis. When mixed with lecithin and cholesterol cardiolipin will combine with the Wassermann antibody but not with the treponema-immobilizing antibody.


/car·dio·lip·in/ (-lip´in) a phospholipid occurring primarily in mitochondrial inner membranes and in bacterial plasma membranes; used in certain tests for syphilis.


A phospholipid usually obtained from beef heart, used in combination with phosphatidylcholine and cholesterol as an antigen to diagnose syphilis.


A 1,3-bis(phosphatidyl)glycerol found in many biomembranes with immunologic properties; used in serologic diagnosis of syphilis.


A substance derived from beef heart muscle and once much used in the WASSERMAN REACTION test for SYPHILIS. Current interest is focused on immunoglobulins known as anticardiolipin antibodies.

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Q. what is anh cardiolipin antibody

A. Cardiolipin is a protein that is very common in the body. Mostly on heart and skeletal muscles. During several illnesses, mostly autoimmune, our body creates an antibody against it that do great damage and needs to cbe controlled.

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The mitochondrial involvement of MAL-A induced cell death was measured by evaluation of cardiolipin peroxidation using 10-N-nonyl acridine orange (NAO), transition pore activity with calcein-AM, while the mitochondrial transmembrane electrochemical gradient ([DELTA][[psi].
Myocardial ischemia selectively depletes cardiolipin in rabbit heart subsarcolemmal mitochondria.
1) Cardiolipin is a negatively charged phospholipid, and aCL antibodies in APS typically require a protein cofactor (such as B2GPI) to create the antigenic target (phospholipid-protein complex).
Changes in intra mitochondrial cardiolipin distribution in apoptosis-resistant HCW-2 cells, derived from human promyelocytic leukemia HL-60.
Decreases in the fluorescence of NAO in cells have been reported to reflect the peroxidation of intracellular cardiolipin because the fluorochrome loses its affinity for peroxidised cardiolipin.
RELISA[R] Cardiolipin Screening Kit (IgG, IgM, IgA)
A hypercoagulable workup (protein C, protein S, factor II mutation, antithrombin III level, lupus anticoagulant, MTHFR mutation, cryoglobulin, homocystine, cardiolipin antibody, lipoprotein (a), beta-2 glycoprotein) showed abnormality of Factor V Leiden with heterozygousity for R506Q polymorphism.
Assays for syphilis serology can be broadly divided into 2 categories; treponemal tests that detect antibodies against the infectious agent Treponema pallidum, and nontreponemal tests that measure antibodies against nonspecific antigens, such as cardiolipin.
In addition, cardiolipin, a key lipid in mitochondrial membrane, declines.
In remarkable research sponsored by the National Cancer Institute published in 2008 and 2009, researchers found major abnormalities in content or composition in a complex lipid called cardiolipin (CL).
Special investigations, including lipogram, glucose, full blood count, anti-nuclear factor, rheumatoid factor, syphilis serology, HIV serology, protein S, protein C, antithrombin III, activated protein C resistance index, lupus anticoagulant, cardiolipin antibodies, homocysteine, ECG, chest X-rays, transthoracic echocardiography and carotid Doppler, were normal.
lupus anticoagulants, IgG/ IgM antibodies for cardiolipin, [beta]2 glycoprotein 1 and annexin V, protein C,S, antithrombin, factor V Leiden, prothrombin G20210A, MTHFR C 677 T, endothelial protein C receptor (23 bp insertion) and plasminogen activator inhibitor (PAI) polymorphisms.